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The 3 Systems to Grow Your Electrical Contracting Business

The difference between great electrical contracting businesses and their competitors is simple. Great electrical contractors have mastered the systems required to grow their business profitably and sustainably. These systems rarely come naturally to contractors, and getting them right takes painstaking (and expensive!) trial and error.

Learning the systems for growth with KC Rhino
Learning the growth systems at our recent KC Rhino master class

Not to worry. We’ve established dozens of successful home service businesses. Here are the 3 systems that are integral to establishing yourself successfully in the marketplace and growing:

Lead Generation

Your electrical contracting business is really a marketing business – you will sink or swim on the strength of your ability to attract new customers.

To generate leads to fuel your sales engine and propel you towards steady growth, you need to master two techniques:

  1. Generate leads: Can you be in the right place at the right time when your potential customers need an electrician?
  2. Track results: When you use a strategy to generate leads, can you measure how successful it was? What was your cost per lead, cost per customer, and lifetime value?

Your options for lead generation are hugely diverse, and not all leads are created equal. In establishing dozens of successful home services businesses, I’ve tried practically all of them. You don’t have to learn the hard way, you can rely on my company’s expertise:

Join us for a class to learn which lead sources drive reliable business for electricians in 2019.


You are likely an all-star salesperson. After all, you founded your company by convincing customer after customer that you were the best solution for their electrical problems!

To grow your business, you need to train your staff to be like you. Here are the techniques you need to train your staff to master:

  1. Professionalism: how to be the electrician customers want to hire, again and again
  2. Communicating value: there is always a cheaper option, so how do you convey your business as the best option?
  3. Proactive thinking: some call it upselling, but what problems can you solve before they’re problems?

Sales is not a four-letter word. You should train for it, and plan for your team to excel at it! Our cutting-edge classes have lively discussion around sales topics, so come join us to learn the best techniques from your peers and from established business owners like Kent Crook.

Customer Support

Your business growth is a cycle. You attract a lead’s attention, you persuade them to be your customer, then you take care of them so that they choose you again and again as electrical problems crop up. If your customer support systems aren’t up to the task, the cycle breaks down.

Be sure to pay special attention to these customer support systems:

  1. Communication: overcommunicate, every step of the way!
  2. Follow up: check on your customers after the work is done
  3. Stay in touch: communicate with your customers regularly, so that they think of their great experience with you when their friends or family need an electrician

By supporting your customers in a planned and proactive way, you’re essentially inviting them to help you grow your business. They get the reliable home they deserve, and you get a flourishing business. Talk about a win-win!

There you have it. When you master the cycle of business growth in these 3 key areas, you are putting your business on the path to success. Looking to learn how to put these systems into practice? We would love to help.

We have helped hundreds of home service businesses establish the systems they need for explosive growth, and we’d love to help you! Give us a call, and we can offer you a free expert business consultation.

Grow Your Electrical Contracting Business

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