Surprise & Delight

The Surprise & Delight Guide for Electrical Contractors

Change your philosophy: your number one goal is delighting your customer

You know that your success relies on repeat business. We have countless metrics to measure our repeat customers: lifetime value per customer, average ticket, and churn rate.

You may have identified your low rate of returning customers as a problem that your business needs to solve.

I would invite you to flip that problem on its head. The real problem you need to solve is this: 

“My customers are not delighted to do business with me.” 

What sources of friction are making my customer’s buying journey pleasant, inconvenient, or needlessly complex? How do I remove those roadblocks to ensure every customer is delighted to do business with me, again and again?

Here are 3 easy areas that almost every electrical contractor can improve on:

Our customers are delighted to do business with us, and it shows!

1) First Touch: Taking phone calls.

Every contractor is focused on making their phone ring. The wise and wealthy electrician is focused on what happens AFTER the phone rings. You can make your first interaction with a customer delightful if you try, and a delighted customer will return again and again.

Have you listened to your phone calls lately? If you are not recording and regularly reviewing your phone calls, you should be! You’d be shocked by the things your staff will say on the phone, if you’re not routinely training them. 

Long hold times, calls going to voicemails, unexcited or unprofessional greetings. We’ve seen it all. These things don’t inspire a potential customer to do business with you!

One great training tool is a call script. We include a ready-to-deploy phone script in our packet of helpful materials with our training classes. Enroll today to take advantage for your brand!

Click here to enroll and get started growing your business!

2) Next Touch: Staying out front.

We’ve grown and grown – because we’re always focused on delighting our customers!

This step, you will repeat forever. I do mean FOREVER. You want to stay in front of your customer, and consistently remind them that you are there for them. This takes many forms.

The easiest way to stay in touch is to send periodic emails to your customers. Set up your CRM to automatically send an email with helpful tips and potential projects either monthly or biweekly. Each email should be signed off with a gentle invitation to do business again.

Some great email subjects for consumers include the optional projects that everyone wants: GFI outlets for safety, smart home technology, and the like. That way, when they have an emergency that they NEED solved, they think of you first.

The wise electrician also follows this up with communications beyond email. Periodic phone calls, invitations to follow you on social media, and even an old-fashioned holiday letter are all great ways to keep your brand in front of your customers to enhance lifetime value.

3) Social proof: Communicating value.

Lastly, you want to close the loop and make purchasing from you an easy and convenient decision. Many of your potential customers are thinking about doing business with you, but then select an electrician with better online reviews.

Your current customers can help you address this problem, if you ask! We have a fool-proof review building process that we have instituted with great success at all of our businesses. The best part about our system is that, when you follow our process, your public-facing reviews are always 5-stars. We’ll show you how to do it, just join us for a class!

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Check it out: 

Our system ensures that your 5-star reputation is visible across the web!

You will want reviews first and foremost on your own website. Then, you will want them on Google. Then you will want to spread out to the review sites that your customers are looking at, typically Yelp or Angie’s List last.

If you take these three steps, not only will customers be delighted to do business with you for the first time, they’ll come back each time they need further service. You depend on lifetime-value to run a profitable electrical contracting company, so build your systems with that in mind!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Join the team at KC Rhino for one of our upcoming classes for a schedule loaded with valuable system-building tools. We’ve been where you are, and know the techniques required to grow your business!

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