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Review for KC Rhino

Being a member of the Rhino team has done wonders for my company, it has helped us direct and focus our marketing strategies in many areas we were merely overlooking. Our phones are ringing due to the implementation of these proven principles and ideas of networking.

Review for KC Rhino

It was great working with the Rhino team to help grow my business. 10/10 would recommend

Review for KC Rhino

Kent was highly supportive in helping me find new approaches to accomplishing my goals. He has strong listening skills and offered valuable, opinions about what could and should be done about several pain points in both my personal and professional lives. He was also been highly flexible in accommodating meeting requests. I benefited greatly from his way of seeing things specifically relating to leadership, behaviors, and relationship building.

Review for KC Rhino

I enjoyed working with Kent Crook because he has an instinctive understanding of how to run a successful business. Without using any advertising or marketing, he slowly grew his business from one man and one truck to a dozen trucks over 20 years. How? By giving good customer service and trusting word-of-mouth. Kent became known for his “on time or on us” slogan, in which there was no charge for the service call if his truck was more than a few minutes late for an appointment. On more than one occasion, I saw him give a customer a full refund when the customer was unhappy and Kent couldn’t fix the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. “I’d rather lose some money on the job and keep my reputation,” he would tell me.



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Business Growth Made Simple

Are you that contractor that runs around town all day, crawling in attics, digging ditches or some other undesirable task? Well, isn’t it about time that you start running your business instead of working in your business? Isn’t it about time you started working on your business instead of working inside your business?

For eighteen years, I was that guy. I drove around in a truck making service calls in hot ceilings attics or in hot garages replacing electric panels. It was just me and a helper. I made a decent living, I did. But all day long I was working and sweating, sometimes in the middle of the day I would throw another shirt on, run across town to go do an estimate and then come back and throw my work shirt on and finish the job.



Juan S.
Juan S.
AC & Heating
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The KC Rhino process has completely transformed the way that we do business! Kent and his team are absolutely phenomenal! Every training we get is packed with loads of great processes that have our team selling more!
Tony T.
Tony T.
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When it comes to marketing no one does it better than Kent Crook and the KC Rhino team! When you work with Kent he has it all figured out, Market, Media, Message and a superior customer service! KC Rhino is the best!
Meghan V.
Meghan V.
VP Marketing
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Kent and his team understand how to turn a good business in to a great business. The KC Rhino certification process provides a the right foundation to build a well oiled service machine to maximize the growth opportunity in sales, service, and customer relationships.